Hardwood Dildos by Hans
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Frequently Asked Questions

No splinters?
Ha ha, everyone has to ask. With super-fine sanding and five coats of varnish, these dildos are as smooth as silk.

Will the dildos with a big base work in a strap-on harness?
It depends. If you have a harness with an adjustable ring, yes. Standard ring size for a harness is 1.75", and a lot of these big-base dildos are smaller than that, so you would need a smaller or adjustable ring. All the dildos with a big base have the diameter of the shaft listed, and the diameter of the base.

Do you make custom dildos?
Yes, just email me (info@hardwooddildos.com) the size and shape you want, and I'll quote a price. I currently have cherry, mahogany, walnut, and a couple other woods available for custom dildos.

About the varnish...
Each dildo is finished with at least five coats of Salad Bowl Finish, a food-quality varnish. The finish seals the wood, making them safe, waterproof, and natural-feeling. I never use any dyes or stains, and I've never heard of any allergic reactions.

Can I use lubrication with Hardwood Dildos?
Yes, the varnish is durable and is not affected by oil- or water-based lubricants. Just wipe clean when done.

How should I clean my dildo?
Wash with mild soap and water, and dry with a clean cloth, after each use. In practice, it seems okay to simply wipe dry after use, and wash occasionally. As with any sex toy, use condoms or wash between partners if it's being shared. Do not boil or put in a dishwasher.

What to consider when choosing a dildo...
Bigger is not always better! You can get an idea of the thickness you want by measuring the toy, penis, or fingers you already use. All dildos here have the diameter listed in inches, or two measurements if the ends are different. Curves, ribs, or knobs are up to your personal preference.

How are the prices determined?
The price of each dildo is based on its size, complexity, and wood type. Prices average $100, which is a comparable to other high quality dildos or handcrafted art.

When will new dildos be added to the website?
There are a bunch done, that just need pictures... springtime is busy around here.

Do you offer a wholesale discount?
50% off, 10 or more. Please be aware that while there is only one of each dildo, I can make copies of any style you like. Contact me for more details: info@hardwooddildos.com.

Do you protect private information?
Yes. Your email and address will never be sold, traded, or shared. I use email only for orders and questions, no lists or newsletters. Paypal handles the credit card transactions so I never see your credit card information. Orders are mailed with H-D Shipping on the return address.

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