Hardwood Dildos by Hans
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All about Hardwood Dildos

Hardwood Dildos started as a hobby in 2001, when I saw an interesting piece of wood and thought it would be fun to carve. Since then I've made a couple hundred dildos, selling them at craft fairs, on Ebay, and to friends. I started this website in late 2006, and it's updated periodically as I add new dildos.

I try to bring out the natural beauty of each piece of wood. No two dildos are alike, and I love thinking up new shapes and styles. Most of the dildos are rounded at both ends, often with different sizes and textures, so it's like two dildos in one.

How Hardwood Dildos are made
Every dildo starts as a piece of a hardwood tree, some grown locally and some tropical. All the pieces I use are scraps from larger projects, salvaged from lumberyards, given to me by friends, or locally milled from trimmed or fallen trees. I don't buy any wood, trying to minimize my impact on natural resources.

Starting with a block of wood, the first step is cutting the rough shape and any curves on a bandsaw. I do all the carving with a small angle grinder, first carving a cylindrical shape, then any bumps, ribs, or details. A lathe would be quicker, but it couldn't do some of the details these have, or make curved dildos.

Sanding is the most time-consuming part of the process. I use a random orbital sander, starting with coarse grit, then medium-fine, then superfine. For finishing, each dildo gets at least five coats of a food grade varnish called Salad Bowl Finish.

I hope you enjoy the dildos as much as I enjoy making them.

At work sanding